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Behind the Desk : Pack Shots 2

August 08, 2014

  Have you seen our new images? They're the product of our final pack shots! (Yea, that post from the beginning of July...) Now that they're up, what do you think!?

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Meet our model Mirjana....

August 05, 2014

  Top 3 things you do that make you feel confident? Smile - smiling changes your attitude, raises your confidence and makes you more appealing to others.  Workout - I always get a boost of good feelings and confidence after a good workout  Red lipstick - because it makes me feel glamorous and sexy :)   How do you prepare for a big day at work? Good night sleep is always a must before an important day. In the morning while I have breakfast I tell myself "This is going to be a great day."   3 words to describe your style? Comfortable, random, always changing   Favorite part of a Bradamant shoot? Whole shoot! I simply enjoyed wearing comfortable body...

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