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Behind the Desk : Photoshoot

April 10, 2014

This week we're prepping for a photoshoot!  After all styles have been wear tested and confirmed, it's time for them to be photographed. The photos are used for many things: product images on our website, lookbooks, linesheets, emails, and more! A good amount of prep work goes into the photoshoot. We make sure all styles are hung, steamed, and in the correct order to be photographed.  Images of each style are printed and put on our style board for reference during the shoot. That way everyone is on the same page.  Inspiration is put together for poses, hairstyles, makeup, and general feeling. Each member of the photoshoot needs to be on the same page, the models, the photographer, the stylist,...

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Behind the Desk : Size Runs

April 03, 2014

After sending comments and samples back and forth, we finalize the fit of a size Small on our fit model. But it doesn't stop there! To be sure that the style will fit a size XS to XL, we ask for a size run! This is where we can test out how the same style fits on a size XS and a size XL.  Here at Bradamant we ask for this feedback through multiple channels. Wear testers, Employees, and our Ambassador Program.  Wear Testers:  We lend out the appropriate size samples to our internal focus group for feedback on fit, style, what they wore it with, and how they felt.  Employees:  We make sure all of our employees know how...

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